Poles’ World Cup play-off plans in chaos

The Polish Football Association (PZPN) announced in a statement on Tuesday that it has urgently written to FIFA, asking for clarification on the Poland national team’s upcoming 2022 World Cup play-off match with Russia.

Poland are due to face the Russians on 24 March, at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium, with the winner hosting a final match against either Sweden or Czech Republic. However, the recent deplorable actions of the Russian government in Ukraine have pushed the PZPN to ask football’s governing body as to how they plan to proceed.

“It should be emphasized that the role of the Polish Football Association – as a sports association – is to provide Polish footballers with optimal conditions for preparation and performances in international matches,” the PZPN said in their statement. “However, being aware of the potential threats related to the current situation, we are waiting for the position of the governing bodies of the world federation.

The PZPN also stressed that the decision did not only affect Poland, but also the Czech and Swedish teams – the winner of which could play against Russia in Moscow, if the Russians were to beat the Poles.


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