Changes afoot at Legia

Reports from Warsaw on Wednesday have stated that changes are planned at the very top at Legia Warsaw. Owner Dariusz Mioduski is expected to stand down as the club’s president, to be replaced by Marcin Herra.

Relationships between Mioduski and Legia’s fand have been extremely frayed over the years, but with the club achieving success on the field it has often never amounted to anything. Now, with the club sitting in the Ekstraklasa relegation zone, the anger has reared its head. During the club’s match against Wisła Krakow this Friday, the Legioniści had planned to voice their disapproval of the club’s leadership by planning a “symbolic farewell” to Mioduski.

In addition to the problems at the football club, there has been a dispute over Legia’s tennis club, which is based next door to the club’s stadium. The Stołeczna Komisja Sportu, Rekreacji i Turystyki (Capital Commission for Sport, Recreation and Tourism) have given Mioduski’s WAWA Group until 7th March to transfer ownership of Legia Tenis back to Legia Warszawa SA, having sold all of its shares to the company for a measly 5,000 PLN.

While have reported that Mioduski will stand down, others have reported differently. believe that Mioduski will remain as president, and Herra will take the role of vice-president – although Mioduski will still step back from the majority of his duties.

As for 47-year-old Herra, he holds a wealth of experience in Polish sport. The former lawyer has also held the positions of chief co-ordinator of the Polish preparations to host the Euro 2012 tournament (jointly held with Ukraine), president of Warsaw’s Stadion Narodowy, and also vice-president of the Polish Handball Federation.

Legia will host Wisła Kraków on Friday 25th February (20:30 CET).

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