PZPN offer help to Ukrainian FA

Poland’s football association (PZPN) have offered to help both the Ukrainian FA (UAF) and the country’s players, after Russia’s needless attack on their country.

Whilst cities across Ukraine come under a barrage of attacks, PZPN president Cezary Kulesza has extended a hand of friendship to their neighbours. In a post on Twitter, Kulesza confirmed that, in agreement with Poland’s Sports Minister, Kamil Bortniczuk, the PZPN has offered to help host Ukrainian matches – believed to include those both domestic and international – inside Polish stadiums.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Ukraine have played a home match on Polish soil. In 2016, the country’s match against Kosovo was played in Kraków. The UAF has reportedly provisionally accepted the Polish offer.

In addition, president Kulesza also tweeted that he had put forward a proposal for Ukrainian players not to be included within the limit of non-EU players, for clubs at all levels. This would in theory make it easier for Ukrainians to find a club within the country.

Poland and Ukraine have a long, chequered history both in sport and politics. The first match in the history of Polish football was played in what is now the Ukrainian city of L’viv (formerly the Polish city of Lwów), and both nations consider this to be the beginning of football in their country.

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