PZPN president Kulesza: FIFA decision “unacceptable”

Minutes after FIFA announced their decision regarding the Russian national football team, the president of Poland’s national football association, Cezary Kulesza, hit out at world football’s governing body.

Despite pressure from the Polish, Swedish and Czech FAs to kick Russia out of the upcoming World Cup play-offs, FIFA announced paltry sanctions on Sunday evening: the Russian team would need to fulfil their matches on neutral ground, without the Russian flag and anthem, and under the name “Football Union of Russia”.

President Kulesza, who has been in the role only a matter of months after succeeding from Zbigniew Boniek, almost immediately hit out on Twitter.

“FIFA’s decision today is unacceptable to us. In this situation of war in Ukraine, we are not interested in a game of appearances. Our position remains unchanged: the Polish national team will NOT play against Russia in the play-off match, regardless of the name of the Russian team.”

In addition to the Poles, Swedes and Czechs, the English Football Association also announced on Sunday that they would refuse to play matches against the Russian team, in any competition at any level.


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