Wigry Suwałki drop out of 2 Liga

2 Liga side Wigry Suwałki declared on Saturday that they not take part in this season’s third tier competition. It is expected that the club from Poland’s Podlaskie region will restart in the fifth tier.

The club confirmed the dire news in a statement on Saturday afternoon, after months of financial difficulty.

“The management board of Wigry Suwałki SA regrets to announce that due to financial reasons it cannot participate in the Championship of the 2 Liga in the 2022/2023 season.
Recently, the club’s authorities have made many efforts, talks and meetings to keep Wigry in the competition at the central level. Unfortunately, the situation of the Company, and additionally the ever-growing financial requirements at this level of competition, do not guarantee that a stable level of financing for the Club will be ensured in the future. There is a huge risk that in the second part of the coming season, we will not be able to meet our previously contracted obligations, and what is worse, there would be a risk of losing financial liquidity. This, in turn, would mean the declaration of bankruptcy of the Company.

“Feeling responsible for our club, its history, our players, coaches, players training at the Academy, our employees and fans, and the entire community of Wigry Suwałki, we are forced to make such a dramatic decision. Before its announcement, we consulted it with the local government, partners and sponsors.

“We are convinced that today’s step – although difficult – is a move to save the future of Wigry Suwałki and give us a chance to maintain the continuity of the Club’s functioning in football competitions. The team will join the IV Podlaskie League in the 2022/2023 season.”

Some of the club’s staff, including goalkeeping coach Karol Salik, commented on the matter on social media.

14 years packed in the car”, he commented on Twitter. “It’s a shame it ends this way.

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