Miedź issue statement following fan problems

Ekstraklasa club Miedź Legnica issued a statement on Monday afternoon, condemning the actions of a handful of fans following their league defeat against Piast Gliwice on Sunday.

According to reports, a number of Miedź fanatics entered the home dressing room after the 1-0 defeat to their relegation rivals which left them rooted to the bottom of the table, nine points from safety, and began to intimidate players and officials.

In connection with the events that took place on March 19, 2023, after the match of the 25th round of PKO BP Ekstraklasa between Miedź Legnica and Piast Gliwice, i.e. the intrusion of unauthorized persons into the rooms leading to the locker room of the home team, MKS Miedź Legnica SA strongly condemns all forms of aggression directed towards players, coaches, club employees and other people working in the organization of the match. 

Sport evokes great emotions, but they cannot be an excuse for unacceptable, hooligan behavior that should never take place. We make every effort to explain the circumstances of the event together with those responsible for security at the facility and take appropriate steps to ensure that such a situation never happens again. 

The priority for the club has always been to ensure safety for all people staying at the stadium during mass events.

Statement from Miedż Legnica, 20 March 2023

Miedź are next in action against another relegation rival, Korona Kielce, on 1 April.


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