Piast denied Ekstraklasa license

Piast Gliwice have failed to obtain a license to play in the league next season. The 2018/19 Ekstraklasa Champions have been denied largely due to outstanding debts owed to former employees.

As per a statement written on the club’s website, the decision to refuse Piast a license relates to money owed to former coach Waldemar Fornalik, who was dismissed from his position earlier in the season.

Fornalik received a large payment from the club upon his departure; but Piast believe that, upon taking the position at Zagłębie Lubin, their contract with Fornalik came to an end. The coach and his team, meanwhile, believe otherwise, and that further payments are owed. Piast had reportedly asked Fornalik that any further payments be delayed until the end of 2023, but this has so far been refused.

“Despite the situation, we wish Waldemar Fornalik all the best. However, if there are more coaches in Polish football who care only about money and not about the good of clubs, then Polish football will not develop as we would all like. The club does not blame coach Waldemar Fornalik for all the blame, but when he left Piast, the club was in a difficult financial situation and in a difficult situation in the Ekstraklasa table.”

Piast Gliwice statement

In their statement, Piast announced their decision to appeal – something they will have to do within the next five days. They also confirmed that they will be pursuing their claims at the PZPN’S court of arbitration. The court itself had previously ruled in favour of Fornalik, with his outstanding debt reported to be in the region of half-a-million złotys.

If Piast are unsuccessful and fail to receive a license, it will mean they are unable to play in the top-flight next season and will suffer relegation.


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