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Choose your Perfect Ekstraklasa Club

With the return of the Ekstraklasa this weekend, and two games per matchday available on UK TV, Polish football is likely to garner a few new viewers. Now, if you’re new to the league, you’ll need a team to support. Don’t worry – Piłka.uk has you covered:

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Where Things Stand – Part One: Avoiding the Drop

It seems almost a lifetime ago that, with cases of the novel Coronavirus beginning to spread across Poland, Górnik Zabrze refused to make their journey to face ŁKS Łódź, kickstarting the postponement of the Ekstraklasa. Now, with ten weeks having passed, Polish clubs are finally preparing to once again kick a ball in anger.

Just four rounds of the regular season remain in Poland, before the league splits into two, and a further seven matchdays take place to decide the final standings. Now planned to begin in late June, eight teams will commence battle for the title and three European spots, while the remaining eight will fight to avoid the drop to the second tier – this year seeing three sides fall, as opposed to the two seen in previous seasons.

As a look ahead to the big return on 29th March, the first of Piłka.uk’s three previews focuses on the battle at the bottom of the table.

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The *Definitive* 2019/20 Ekstraklasa Kit Ranking!

What’s the point winning if you aren’t going to do it in style?

With the 2019/20 season already underway, Piłka.UK knows that first impressions don’t come from the performance on the pitch, or how many goals or points a team can pick up; instead, they come from the threads which each team walks out onto the field in. With that very much in mind, here we have the definitive ranking of all 16 home shirts to grace Ekstraklasa pitches for this coming season.

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